I need something with less roots. Something mobile. After many hours of researching and planning..it has been decided that Von Briggs Art will move operations to a vintage Airstream!

The inspiration for this portability came from recently getting married to my best friend, and Navy man, Christian. Suddenly, moving around this great country of ours became a guarantee and to continue creating beautiful, hand printed apparel, Von Briggs Art must spread its wings.

All we need is a little help from you!

Currently, Von Briggs Art is a fully equipped screen-printing business and has a stock of shirts, beanies, stickers and more with. I print out of a small 10x12 foot studio that is fully equipped with a washout sink, dark room, screen drying racks and 2 small stations for printing and curing. 

The Airstream Studio project is very exciting as it opens up numerous opportunities to be much more involved with the public and to make the workshop as much a piece of art as the products. What your generous donations will go towards is the finishing touches to this studio-on-wheels such as: 

  • Waterproof, easy to clean, dark wood flooring
  • Commercial sink sprayer
  • Equipment storage units    

Von Briggs Art's goals for The Airstream Studio are to... 

  • Tour across country a minimum of five months of the year.
  • Make appearances at various music festivals, farmers markets and craft fairs.
  • Offer private screen-printing lessons from yours truly all year 'round in the Airstream for all ages.
  • Meet local artists in various cities and partner with them to create all new designs.
  • Here's the link!